The transformation of Gran de Sant Andreu street into a pacified road where you can walk , play and shop in the neighborhood shops is now a reality. The redevelopment of the section between the Rambla de Fabra i Puig and Carrer de Joan Torras has made it possible to gain space for pedestrians, improve mobility by bicycle and increase green space .

With a budget of 4.9 million euros , the works have allowed the street to be redesigned as a single platform , without changes in the level of the road; Furthermore, from now on motor vehicles will not be able to circulate in the area at more than 10 km / h . This change in the urban model prioritizes mobility on foot and by bicycle with the aim of improving air quality and reducing noise pollution . The unique platform also allows bicycles to circulate in both directions.

The trees , the flower beds and the new urban furniture accompany a remodeling that has been completed with the renovation of the pavement and the telecommunications and drainage services networks .

Participatory process

The project was born out of a broad participatory process with the neighborhood , associations and businesses , which for more than a decade had been demanding the redevelopment of the road to recover space for pedestrians and reinforce its character as a commercial hub in the Sant Andreu district.

Changes in circulation

The reform of Carrer Gran de Sant Andreu has also led to a series of changes in the direction of traffic in some sections and streets in the area :

Section between the streets of Malats and Joan Torra : new direction south to north.
Section between Carrer de Malats and Rambla Fabra i Puig and Onze de Setembre : new direction north to south.
Section between calle de Joan Torras and plaza de Mossèn Clapés : new direction south to north.
Section between the streets of Torras i Bages and Lanzarote : a new uphill direction.
Section between Gran de Sant Andreu and Lanzarote streets : new downward direction.
Section of Carrer de Sant Adrià between Passeig de Torras i Bages and Carrer Gran de Sant Andreu : it will become two-way once the tent is removed from the provisional market of Sant Andreu .